Healing Science Therapies

   Namaste, my name is Simon Collum. I am a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, & Registered Nurse.  I have created Healing Science in an attempt to unite many different voices, different perspectives and beliefs into one unifying goal. To heal and prevent disease while we raise wellness to it’s highest potential.

    I use various techniques from an array of different fields from alternative and complimentary therapies to allopathic. I combine techniques from massage therapy with energetic healing and assessment techniques along with nursing assessment.  To aid in the best possible outcome, I use only the purest, organic, therapapeutic-grade essential oils from Young Living which are conveniently available for purchase as well as other high-grade products, if you would like to keep the wellness with you!



Always moving Higher...without moving at all.


  1. -Massage Therapy

  2. -Energy Work

  3. -Nursing assessment and care

  4. -Young Living Essential Oil Distributor

  5. -Qigong Instruction